How to trade SPH in CredoEx?

Trading guide with CredoEx

Please let us share our thoughts and instructions on how to do trading at CredoEx digital currency exchange with your Sapphire Coin (SPH) coins. 

In order to start trading, you need to have your PAE wallet account verified, which means that the KYC (Know Your Customer) process needs to be completed. Please read these instructions for more information. It is important to provide accurate and quality images with the Selified application in order to go through the verification carefully.

In addition, you really need to know what you are doing. If you transfer coins to incorrect account without SPH configured, you most likely lose the coins for good. We cannot support you after you click “Withdraw” and take your SPH out from our systems.
How to deposit?
Once you have account verified you need to deposit your SPH coins to CredoEx wallet. This will happen using the PAE wallet Withdraw functionality. You can access this functionality from your PAE wallet dashboard, by clicking and opening your SPH Debit account. Then just click “Withdraw”. It is important to notice here that the target wallet address has to be the CredoEx SPH wallet address. In addition, you need to confirm that you know what to do as this action is irreversible!
To get target wallet address for PAE wallet withdrawal, please do following:
  • Login to your CredoEx account. Open and click “WALLET”
  • Then from left-hand side, go to “Deposit” section. Select correct currency from the drop-down, which is SPH. Remember to make sure that you have chosen SPH as your deposit currency, and then press generate. Because default setting is Credo, which is NOT CORRECT, in order to deposit SPH into your CredoEx wallet. See the screenshots below.
  • Once you have generated the address, click “Copy address” to copy the target wallet address to your clipboard. Use this address in the PAE wallet withdraw dialog as target wallet address.
  • Generic instructions on how to do Deposit/Withdraw in CredoEx is available in this CredoEx help center article:
  • Please note that it takes some 10-15 minutes typically for SPH to reach your CredoEx wallet account. It needs 50 confirmations to confirm the deposit.
How to make sell order?
So.. Now you have SPH in your CredoEx wallet. It is time to SELL ORDER. To do sell order of SPH, please do following:
  • In your CredoEx dashboard, open the TRADE page and select SPH/CREDO as the market. Direct link is here.
  • Then navigate to the bottom left-hand corner of the page into the “Sell” section with red label.
  • In this section, you can place Sell order. The typical sell order is a limit order, where you provide amount and limit price to sell your coins.
  • Please see below image as an example values for selling SPH in CredoEx
  • Once completed, click “Place sell order” to complete. Your sell order goes to order book and if someone wants to buy with that price (or higher), your sell order will be completed.
  • Remember! Only sell with price you are happy to receive. If you do not know how much the price should be, please see below our sale price recommendations in December 2018.
Recommended prices from Sapphire Coin team
We recommend to sell your SPH with potential discount compared to our nominal price, which is 1.00 EUR per SPH. The company is currently selling (as of today, December 2018) with 1.00 EUR / SPH from our website.
To find a correct sale price, it requires you to check CREDO/ETH and ETH/EUR market prices. These are changing continuously, so be sure to check them carefully before placing your sell order. As of today, December 17th morning UTC time, we have drafted a following sheet for recommended sales prices.
Thanks everyone and happy trading with SPH at CredoEx – our modern digital currency exchange partner!


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