FAQ Update 30-Oct-2018

Updated on Frequently Asked Questions as of 30th of October, 2018!

Please let us share some answers to frequently asked questions, which we have received within last few weeks. This will hopefully open a bit more what we are currently doing and thinking, and to provide all of you better clarification on some questions that have arisen earlier.

Q: When does the ClickJackpot game Beta be released as real game?

A: The game is already “real”. We are continuously improving the game to make it better. We do this according to our plan and development backlog, based on testing and on user feedback. The development work is continuous.

Q: Why the game has been this long in Beta state?

A: We have used Beta for relatively long period, because we have wanted to ensure that game works properly and in case there would have been some problems in the beginning, we could have much easier made changes/corrections. Now, when we are soon launching the Sapphire Coin (SPH) in first digital exchange, we will consider removing the Beta label from ClickJackpot game at the same time. However, it is important to understand that these milestones are not linked and not related to each other. With Beta label, users understand better in case we want to change some functionality radically in order to test and measure some functionality and to improve the game. And one should note, that for example Google kept Gmail in Beta state for about 5 years!

Q: Is there maybe a some patent problem?

A: There are no patent problems. We have a valid “patent pending” status for our game with our initial provisional patent application. Now we are working hard to finalize the patent application based on that.

Q: Shouldn’t the game be released as real game before entering the first digital exchange? Otherwise you might not be able to do great marketing for the game and with that be able to boost the SPH coin as well.

A: As described in previous question, the ClickJackpot Beta label is not related to our schedule with SPH entering any digital exchange. They are different things. In our project plan we aim to do both and they are very close to each other (in the project timeline).

But you are right that promoting ClickJackpot will help us to expand our user base and generate better demand for SPH. So we will be continuing that work in our marketing. We, of course, look forward, to get help from all of our existing users and gamers, as it is utmost important that everyone shares and refers the ClickJackpot game to all of your friends. This will boost the user base growth in organic way.

Q: Have you considered what happens to SPH if it goes to a digital exchange with “empty pockets”? I mean if there is no products ready? Especially after project is 4-6 months late.

A: When SPH (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter) are launched into a digital currency exchange or when they are in the digital currency exchange, then no one – including us – cannot predict what is going to happen for the cryptocurrency. By reflecting on history and learnings from the past, we can say that we also believe that SPH will initially start at lower prices, just as it has been for all other cryptographic currencies and ICOs out there.

This is simply due to the fact that some of the investors “dump” the coins on the market because they want to quickly get euros (or other cryptos) for whatever reason. After a while, the situation calms down and it is assumed that the price of the coin will rise. What is important is to keep your head cool and wait. Patience is a virtue, even in this context.

We firmly believe that SPH will, for many reasons, be very stable and good cryptocurrency in the future. Our company’s intention is to make it desirable and popular as a cryptocurrency associated with gaming and other activities. There are plenty things to come, but we cannot or want to at this time publicly tell more about these projects.

We understand that you might think, that the project is 4-6 months late. At the very beginning we ourselves thought things would go “to the finish line” faster. However, many things affect many, and now we are here. We are going forward all the time, and soon SPH is also a tradeable currency. Of course, we are not nor have been delaying anything in purpose.

Q: SPH has promised originally to go to a digital currency exchange in July-August and based on that the price has also increased. This has given good feeling to investors (also for me) about this project. Is SPH a good project today?

A: The exact promises should be avoided. One of these possible promises is the schedule for the launch of digital currency exchange. We have aimed to provide information and estimates, but not been promising exact timelines. This information and estimation is always based on the current understanding and information available at that point of time. For digital currency exchange topic, we arranged a few weeks ago a quick poll and voting, and now we have proceeded according to those voting results.

As written on an answer above, there is still a lot to come. We think that SPH is at the moment even better project than in the beginning (what we could have imagined).

Q: As all ICO phases have been completed, why have you not made changes in the wallet to enable transfers to own personal wallet, e.g. Trust?

A: The transfer functionality of coins is coming. Both internally inside SPH wallet system and externally. With external transfers (withdraw), you can then transfer SPH coins to any ERC20 compliant wallet.

However, it is good to remember, that ClickJackpot game will only work through our own wallet system, so it is a good idea to keep some (or a lot!) coins there as well. And not to forget other applications/systems, which we intend to bring into our wallet system in the future.

Q: How is it with BeedUp? In live chat, you have explained delays in BeedUp and said that it is available in September. Now in latest roadmap, it was postponed with 3-4 months.

A: The BeedUp project is moving forward, and quite quickly. BeedUp is our partner’s project and we do not directly control or monitor their project execution. However we do have some control as one of the stakeholders. At the moment, we have had a possibility to test the first social media functionalities. This allows them to continue development and to add new features.

So to summarize, the BeedUp project is owned and controlled by an own company and other people. We consult and help them as needed and as good as we can. We will work with them with wallet integration and to bring SPH onboard as easy-to-use currency as it is with ClickJackpot game. Our work and efforts are very much appreciated! They highly trust SPH coin and to bring their platform to work with SPH coins only.

The first application is going to be “BeedUp – the social betting platform”. BeedUp will be a very nice opportunity for the future growth of SPH coin.

As a reminder, the official news and posts from SapphireCoin team and company will be posted in this website and/or our Facebook page. We do not provide live chat or any other official channel for communication at the moment. We do have SPH community members that do provide that and they are used to help you guys get some more information. However, remember that only our website and FB page contain the official information. 🙂



Thank you and we hope that these answers will give you a bit more insight on what we are doing and thinking at the moment. We aim to provide answers to all questions that we receive daily – but as you can imagine, there are plenty of things to do, so sometimes we cannot respond to all questions independently.

In all we do, we aim to bring Sapphire Coin to be the Currency of the Winners and we are working hard in development side of ClickJackpot game to bring new features/finalize existing ones. Also we are in discussions on many other potential projects.

Thanks for being onboard with us! Remember, the patience is a virtue!


The Sapphire Coin® (SPH) is a new cryptocurrency for online gaming, gambling and betting. ClickJackpot® is a new skill-based, patent pending, gambling game with one of the biggest jackpots in any lotto, gambling or betting scenario. You click to play and play to win.

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