Winner of 10 Million’th Click Jackpot Is Ryuu

Congratulations! The winner of 10 Million’th Click Jackpot is *ryuu*. Great work!

The first winner for the ClickJackpot click number 10,000,000 has been found! The winner is the player with nickname: ryuu. Congratulations!

The jackpot of 500,000 SPH was clicked on Thursday 18th of October 2018 21:18:07 UTC time.



This was our biggest jackpot reward so far. Click more, jackpots will grow over time! 🙂

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The Sapphire Coin® (SPH) is a new cryptocurrency for online gaming, gambling and betting. ClickJackpot® is a new skill-based, patent pending, gambling game with one of the biggest jackpots in any lotto, gambling or betting scenario. You click to play and play to win.

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