Sapphire Coin Is ERC20 Token In Ethereum Blockchain

Sapphire Coin at Ethereum Blockchain

UPDATE 20181129: This article has been updated in relation to digital currency exchange announcement with latest Sapphire Coin (SPH) token code and contract information. We have updated the token code with latest recommendations before entering the exchange as well as added simple instructions on how to add SPH into your ERC20 compliant wallet system.

The Sapphire Coin is based on ERC20 token standard and running on top of Ethereum blockchain. This post explains a bit further, what does this mean in practice?

The token code is based on ERC20 token standard. It is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. The token is designed and used solely on the Ethereum platform and it follows principles to allow token to be shared, exchanged and transferred between wallets. The Sapphire Coin token has following properties:

  • Token Name: Sapphire Coin
  • Symbol: SPH
  • Decimals: 18
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Contract: 0x9043397333435d391fc02c885bc23b3633865045

The token code is publicly available in Ethereum network, e.g. via EtherScan

The token code is simple by design. It is simple in purpose. The code syntax is based on ERC20 token standard and written in Solidity programming language.

You can read more about the ERC20 token standard in this Wikipedia page:

Next Steps

Since the creation of token code, there has been few updates and improvements that are recommended to do. Therefore, we will be updating the token code before launching it in the digital exchange and starting the Ethereum blockchain transactions. This will happen in near future.

Instructions how to configure SPH into your ERC20 compliant wallet

In order to see your coins in your Ethereum wallet, even transferring the coins in there, requires you to configure the wallet with custom token. You have to configure the Sapphire Coin smart contract as a custom token. Please follow these instructions as a reference, to configure SPH in your MetaMask wallet (we recommend MetaMask as an ERC20 coin wallet)

  1. Get MetaMask and create an account in Blockchain network (mainnet)
  2. Open MetaMask, open Menu, click “Add token”
  3. Click “Custom token”
  4. Enter the contract address: 0x9043397333435d391fc02c885bc23b3633865045 into the field.
    The rest of the fields should populate automatically. If not, please confirm that you are working in “Main Ethereum Network” instead of test network
  5. Done! You can now see SPH in your MetaMask wallet



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