Sapphire Coin Roadmap Update 2018-10-18

Roadmap Update as of 18th of October, 2018

Dear Sapphire Coin community. Please find attached an updated Sapphire Coin Roadmap with some additional remarks in this web news post. The information is public and can be shared among other fellow Sapphire Coin owners and potential investors.

As an overview, the key information in this document as of today is following:

  • The Sapphire Coin project is in its last phase. Project milestones have been fulfilled ones the first digital exchange has been published and SPH is available for trading/exchange
  • The timeline has been postponed from Q3/2018 to Q4/2018 in comparison to roadmap update in June 2018. This has been discussed and also reflects the previous voting result
  • The roadmap content remains the same with additional feature added to the roadmap: Sapphire POS. This Point-of-sale application allows anyone to receive SPH as a payment anywhere without any transfer delays or costs, when using the dedicated wallet system


The launch phase is scheduled for Q4 2018. We do not expect this timeline to postpone from this. The remaining item in the launch phase is the DEX integration + start. This means that within 1-2 months, we are in the digital exchange and SPH can be exchanged and traded with anyone interested.


The next phases after project completion, is to continue development both in Sapphire Coin platform and to extend functionality and support for the ClickJackpot in various areas. We are in discussions with other related projects continuously and whether they continue or not, remains to be seen. We will inform and add them to roadmap once they are confirmed.

The first bigger platform we are working on is the BeedUp – social betting platform. We’ve got some delays in the frontend development, nevertheless, expecting to have first pilot version ready for internal alpha testing in 1-2 months. Depending on the status, we will then integrate SPH wallet and decide the Beta launch schedule for it.

The Sapphire Payments platform will provide means to integrate SPH payments to any website or webshop easily. It allows consumers to use their SPH to purchase goods anywhere. Among the Sapphire Payments platform, the development of Sapphire Card continues as well as POS system during early 2019. These features have also been postponed along with launch phase and will be continued after the project has reached their milestones.

The year 2019 in overall is time for expansion and looking for new partner projects and ways of using SPH, and ways of increasing the demand of SPH to bigger audience. This includes expansion to new markets, such as Asia, Africa and South America.

Download the Sapphire Coin Roadmap Update here.


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