Results of Public Exchange Voting

Thank you for participating our questionnaire! Your feedback is appreciated.

We got a total of 986 responses and the results were following:

  • 43.3% voted for WAIT
  • 34.8% voted for SOON
  • 21.9% voted for NETRAL

The majority of our users who responded the questionnaire quickly wants to wait and postpone the launch of the public exchange so that we have more time to perform marketing activities and try to generate better demand. This is understandable. However, over 1/3 of our users look forward to launch the exchange as soon as possible. The neutral party is also relatively big, with over 20% of participants do not have opinion to either direction but instead wish us to make the decision as we see fit. Quite balanced results in overall with the WAIT votes having the biggest portion.

See the results here in the Google Forms questionnaire page.

What Does This Mean?

We look forward to respect the voice of our user base and community.

This means that the results of the voting provides us important guidance on how to push forward: focus more to marketing activities instead of rushing into the public exchange right away. However, the distinction is not clear and we see pros & cons in both options. Clearly, the community wants to improve the general demand before opening the exchange for SPH. This helps with volatility and stability of the SPH market.

We will take this result now and discuss more inside the team and with our stakeholders. There is no reason for us to push the launch of public exchange any further, once we see that our marketing activities has taken place and we start to see our userbase to grow and better user engagement. This metrics along with others are monitored and measured on regular basis.

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— Sapphire Coin team


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