ClickJackpot- Playing Guide

What is ClickJackpot?

First, let’s start from the beginning, ClickJackpot is a unique skill-based online gambling game with some of the highest jackpots in the history for it’s kind. You click to play and play to win.

In this guide, you will find information about the ClickJackpot, how to play, and some good hints how to improve your playing skills, play better and smarter. This enables you to win more often and get bigger prices.

The game is played exclusively with Sapphire Coin (SPH) cryptocurrency.

Register a free account HERE. When registering, you will get to play immediately with some free coins. In addition, you will get your own wallet where you receive your SPH coins and can use them in the ClickJackpot game.


How To Play?

Playing the game is super simple. You play the game just with a one click of a button. You click to play and play to win!

When you click, you will see a number between 1 and 100 (the counter). This number is important!

Each click increases the counter. The counter increases when anyone in the game, playing in the same PlayRoom, clicks the button. When the counter hits 100, a reward is provided to the player whom clicked the 100th click.

The player who get the 100th click, wins! Your target is to be the one who does that!

In order to play the game, the players​ ​have to have or buy​ Sapphire Coins into their wallet.

The​ ​game​ ​is classified as a skill-game. In order to be a skillful player, you have to use various​ ​visual indicators and game​ ​statistics to​ ​increase your winning probability. The game provides such indicators inside the game user interface, such as click speed and how many players are online. Use various visual indicators to click better and smarter. It is fun and addicting!


Skill-Game Playing Tactics

During the early phases of the game, we have interviewed some of the most active players and players who have the best net result in winnings until that date:

How do they play the game? What makes them better players than others?

In order to win, you need to get the 100th click. Simple! To get 100th click, you have to use various indicators provided by the game.

Clicks per minute (CPM) is a click speed indicator. It indicates how many clicks are done per minute in total

in all rooms and how many of them are done in your PlayRoom. This information comes with a short delay and is based on the real data from “a moment ago”. You can estimate how fast the number reaches 100 with this data.

Player count indicator let you know how many total people are online and how many players are in the same PlayRoom with you. This information can be used to estimate how others may play and how fast clicks are being generated in general. In addition, it usually helps you to estimate when bigger clickjackpots are available. The amount of players per PlayRoom may change dynamically

Jackpot indicator tells when the next bigger jackpot is coming. The indicator symbol is shown when there are less than 10% of clicks remaining for that specific jackpot. For each jackpot, the indicator symbol is different.  The bigger jackpot indicator overrules the smaller jackpot indicators. For example, the “Greek character” Ɛ indicates that 1M’th click jackpot is near, where you can win 25 000 SPH. All indicator symbols are (in the order from lowest to highest): β, γ, δ, ε, ζ, η, θ. See next section below for click jacpot indicators and winnings.

Click bars indicate the number of clicks made during that time window, which normally is calculated every second.

The click bar has 4 different levels: 0=no clicks; 1=1 click; 2=2-3 clicks; 3=4-6 clicks; and 4=7+ clicks. Each level is drawn with different height in the click bar indicator.

First feedback from our players:

“Very addicting! When I lose, I cannot stop playing before I am back at winning roll..”

“I wait for right moment before clicking. I check the counter every 2-3 seconds and after it reaches 80+ I click very fast.. Then I win.”

“I play patiently. I spend a lot of time and try to win 50 SPH in every round. I only click 5-10 times per round and try get the 100th click.”

“I am very fast clicker. I’ve played piano when I was young so I am very fast in my fingers. I click 20-30 times per round but still get to win. My net result is positive and I have won some bigger prices. Unfortunately sometimes I click too fast and I get warnings. This is fair and I try to avoid that and not click too fast.”



Winning Table & Jackpot Indicator Symbols

The jackpot indicator is only visible when the next bigger jackpot is near. It means less than 10% clicks for that jackpot is remaining.

For example when jackpot indicator for 100 000th click jackpot is shown, it means that less than 10% = 10 000 clicks are remaining for someone to win that jackpot reward. It means that somebody’s 100th click is the 100 000th click and wins the bigger reward!

The winning table with jackpot indicator symbols is shown in the table below. Please notice that this winning table structure is subject for changes if we see that some other winning structure works out better for our players. But remember, we will still keep our superior payout-rate with minimum target of 98% for the ClickJackpot! The latest up-to-date winning table will be available in this page.


How To Buy More Coins?

Getting coins is easy! The easiest way to buy Sapphire Coin (SPH) is to buy from the ClickJackpot group or it’s partners.


Open the quick sales purchase page at and select how much you want to spend in EUR. You will be immediately forwarded to secure payment form where you can finish your payment. Once the payment has been confirmed, your coins will be delivered to your SPH wallet at PayApi Escrow Wallet system.

Click To Buy – ClickJackpot



Open the website and purchase SPH directly from the provider. Define your amount, select your currency and finalize the payment in the secure payment form. Once the payment has been confirmed, your coins will be delivered to your SPH wallet at PayApi Escrow Wallet system.

Buy From SapphireCoin


ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE SECURE PAYMENT FORM THAT YOU USE IN THE WALLET SYSTEM. This will ensure that your coins will be available in the same wallet you are used to accessing your wallet and playing the game.


You can also buy SPH from anyone via the selected digital currency exchange (DEX). This option is available later and we will add information here from which digital exchanges you can purchase SPH and how to bring the coins into the wallet and into the game.


SapphireCoin – Currency of the Winners!