Mobile Number Verification Bonus Changes

Mobile Verification Bonus

In our quest towards ClickJackpot launch and SapphireCoin community-grown referral system, the current mobile phone number verification bonus option will be ramped down as of today 06.07.2018, 23:59 (UTC Time).  All users that have been or will register before the midnight today, can still get their original bonus once they complete their mobile verification process without time limitations. This bonus was exclusive during the ICO phase and is now EOL (end of life).

All new users starting from tomorrow (07.07.2018; 00:01) have instead a possibility to earn 5 SPH as a reward when verifying their mobile phone number.

Act quickly if you do not have your wallet account yet and still would like to earn the original, exclusive, mobile phone verification bonus. The registration can be done here:

How to get your mobile phone verification bonus?

It’s easy! Just log-in to your wallet account. Go to notifications sections and start your mobile phone number verification process. Or alternative go and view your profile information, edit your data and include all mandatory details and then click Verify button next to your mobile phone number. Then wait for the SMS to arrive and click the link – easy. Once the link click has been registered successfully (you should see small notification in the bottom of the screen), the bonus will be transferred to your wallet automatically.

Please notice that mobile phone verification requires that you are not a resident of US, your mobile phone carrier is not US carrier and that your mobile phone number can receive SMS from abroad/international SMS gateways. We have currently implement 4 different SMS strategies from 3 different vendors to cover as much as possible.


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