Weekly Lottery Issue Fixed

Dear all,

We have finished the investigation of the “lottery machine went crazy” issue last Friday. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

We believe playing by the book and according to rules set is the right way to go forward.

Therefore the error had to be fixed, but not ignored. Incorrect lottery results had to be cancelled.

A new lottery will be arranged tomorrow, Wednesday 16th of May at 14:00 UTC time. The normal weekly lottery schedule will resume on Friday 18th with a new time: 14:00 UTC time (Bryssel 16:00, Helsinki/Tallinn 17:00).

The issues that caused lottery to fail were following:

  • error in lottery application caused too many winners with same winnings
  • wallet backend timed out on some requests due to extra traffic/processing at the same time

Together these issues caused the issue. To avoid this from happening again, we have done following actions:

  • fixed the issue in lottery application
  • added extra error handling to lottery application
  • added extra step in lottery application to help monitoring the draw before they are sent for payout processing
  • added extra step in wallet backend to review the payout request before processing
  • upgraded wallet backend server capacity
  • re-scheduled weekly lottery to start at 14:00 UTC (instead of 19:00 UTC); allows us to monitor the draw more efficiently

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: support/at/sapphirecoin.io or via our contact page.

Good luck for everyone!


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