Is investing in cryptocurrency a new issue for you?

Interesting article from Cryptoinsider

Short cutout from the full article:With the cryptocurrency market gaining popularity across the globe, fiat currency market is currently facing great challenge. Although, there have been many campaigns conducted by world renowned skeptics against the adoption of cryptocurrency, but few only know the right reason ‘why.’

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies, having no physical existence and no authority. The entire market is based on blockchain technology, whose feature is to decentralize the business processes. Under the operation of capital market, there have numbers of brokers emerged to work between and make the most of the profits. In such process, the only victims are the end-users, i.e. you and I. Large-scale financial institutions charge you high for each small/large transaction, giving almost 50% of it away to the third parties. Well, that’s not all. Under the influence of capital market, there comes a long process for each, resulting on time-consumption.”

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