Partial payments are now here!

Partial payments* are now available for SapphireCoin investors, making coin purchase even easier than ever!

What’s a partial payment?

Is a new way to buy SapphireCoins, pay your investment monthly basis instead of everything at once.

Who can benefit of it?

During the Beta phase, the partial payment is only available for customers in selected countries. Now in the beginning, such countries are Finland and Estonia. More countries will be added later on request. Please contact us in case you would like to make an investment and are not eligible for the partial payment plan.

How does it work?

Let’s say you’d like to invest in SapphireCoin now (and get Pre-ICO discounted price or lock the ICO weekly price), but currently you do not have sufficient funds. Then partial payment is just for you!

Here are the details – please read them carefully:

  • 3 month, 6 month and 12 month plans
  • Minimum purchase amount: 500€ 
  • Annual interest is 12%. Monthly invoice fee is 3,95€
  • Coins are received in a specific “SPH Credit Wallet” account, which is frozen until all the credit (your debt) has been paid off. Coins will be visible in your wallet immediately, but you cannot transfer (or withdraw) them until the credit has been fully paid.
  • Unpaid debt will be visible in EUR “Credit wallet” in the wallet dashboard as a negative amount.
  • This partial payment is, like the name describes, a way to purchase SapphireCoins but we offer payment time. Select how many installments you want and pay as as little or much as you want.
  • The actual partial invoices you can pay as normal: with credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, cryptocurrencies


How to buy with Partial Payment?

The purchase flow is simple. Please go to our website at and fill in the purchase form. If you are returning customer, click Modify. If you are new user, fill in our details, email address and address. Select “Pay in parts” as a payment method. Click Submit. Review your details and click Confirm. The final step is to select your payment plan and review the interest and monthly calculations. Once ready and happy with the monthly fee, click Agree & Submit. By clicking Agree, you will agree for the any terms and confirm that you are bound to pay the invoices according to the payment plan.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Happy purchasing!


*NOTE: Partial payment option is currently in Beta. This means that we are still fine tuning the functionality with our payments and Escrow partner and this may cause some delays in your monthly invoices etc. But do not worry, the calculations have been confirmed with our banking partner and our alpha users are happy with the service.


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