Sponsorship announcement

SapphireCoin announces sponsorship deal with Harri J. Toivonen and Cedric Wrede, driving a car from Past-Racing rally team!

We are proud and delighted to announce that SapphireCoin has signed it’s new sponsorship deal with Past-Racing  team’s car with driver Harri J. Toivonen and his co-driver Cedric Wrede. Their car is the classic Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4.

Sponsorship deal has been signed for the whole FIA European Historic Sporting Rally 2018 season. Rally consist in total of 8 rallies, held in different rally courses all over the Europe.  First rally is taking place already in this weekend (16.03 – 18.03.2018) in Girona, Spain.

What is FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship?

It’s the ultimate time machine for any rally fan. Revitalizing an amazing breadth of evocative cars from some of the most iconic periods of stage competition. While historically most of the cars never took to the stages together, there is much more to the EHSRC than recreating the past. While modern WRC cars represent the latest innovations in technology and competition, the cars of yesteryear offer a truly unique visual spectacle. Check out more.

Meet the team

Harri J. Toivonen is a Finnish rally and race car driver. His older brother was Henri Toivonen and his father is Pauli Toivonen, both also professional race drivers in the past. Harri’s active career was in 1980s when he also participated in World Rally Championship. He’s also participated in European Rally Championship and Le Mans 24 hour race and now seeking the title in European Historic Rally Championship, 50 years later than his father won the title.

Cedric Wrede has also been driving rally since 80s and since then driven with Harri. They are a superior match both inside the car and outside. Cedric is a very experienced co-driver and he’s participated in many different rallies including World Rally Championship series and European Rally Championship series.

Cedric Wrede with Sapphire Coin Flag

Past-Racing is a professional motor racing competition company, created in 2014 by the rally driver Daniel Alonso. The racing company runs the facilities with modern and  state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team. Their specialty is to compete with Ford Sierra Cosworth and tune it upto maximum.




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