Christmas Lottery winner received official certificate

SapphireCoin first Christmas lottery (held on 29.12.2017) winner was: long-railway*

First lottery winner received the authentic SapphireCoin certificate for one million Sapphire Coin (SPH). The certificate was given to the winner by SapphireCoin’s Chairman of board, Mr. Matti Vilola and a Finnish model, singer, and TV celebrity, Ms. Martina Aitolehti.

“Congratulations to the first winner of Sapphire Lottery ever! This is a historic moment and great milestone for the project. It is good to be here to provide this certificate of one million Sapphire Coins to the winner. I am happy.. We seek for the winners and now we have one, the first one!”, said Mr. Matti Vilola after the event.  

Actual winning was transferred to lottery winner’s wallet right after the lottery draw.

I invested in Sapphire because I believed the game is something very unique and has a lot of potential. This lottery winning just came as a superior extra!“, said the lottery winner.


Pictures taken during the event:

Event was held in Helsinki, Finland.

* Winner asked to remain his identity anonymous. And Yes, we do respect privacy and handling of personal data securely so only the location and the nickname of the winner can be published: long-railway @ Helsinki, Finland.


Next SapphireCoin lottery will be held on Chinese New Year – 16/2/2018