Sapphire Coin facts: Token supply and pricing

Sapphire Coin supply and pricing

The token price will be different depending on which phase you are purchasing them. The rule-of-thumb is following: the earlier you buy, the more you get.

Pricing of the tokens is following:

  • In Pre-sales phase: buy 1 token, get 10 tokens. Nominal price is 0.10€/token.
  • In Pre-ICO phase: buy 1 token, get 5 tokens. Nominal price is 0.20€/token.
  • In ICO phase: buy 1 token, get 3 tokens. Nominal price is 0.33€/token.
  • In Post-ICO phase: when the project is ready and token has been made available, the nominal value of the token is set to 1.00€/token.

Using the referral program both the buyer and the seller can gain extra bonus for the purchase. Using the referral code upon purchasing, both parties get +30% extra tokens.
For example: Person A refers to Person B. Person B buys 10000 tokens. Both A and B get extra 3000 tokens.

During pre-sales phase, an additional early investor bonus is provided. Depending on your purchase price (EUR value), you will get extra token allocation bonus from 5% up to 50%. This bonus is enabled with purchases over 1000 EUR in value.


Pre-sales phase : 100M tokens – PHASE HAS ENDED 10. January 2018

  • Sold for early investors (10%)

Pre-ICO phase: 200M tokens

  • 180M token sale for buyers (18%)
  • 20M held by the founders (2%)

ICO phase: 300M tokens

  • Token sale for buyers (30%)

Post-ICO sales: 400M  tokens

  • 333.3M given out as game rewards for players or allocated for special events (33.3%)
  • 66.7M sold for new players (price: 1 EUR per token) (6.67%)