Sapphire Lotto – First Draw 29th of December


Sapphire Lotto – First Draw 29th of December

Happy holidays!

The first Sapphire Lottery ever will be on December 29th, 2017.

There will be a total of 101 winners in the lottery with grand price of 1,000,000 (one million) Sapphire coins. The draw will take place at 19:00 UTC time, which is e.g. 21:00 in Helsinki or 20:00 in Madrid.

All users with a minimum of 1000 SPH in their wallet will participate automatically in the lottery. So if you do not have enough Sapphire coins in your wallet, now is a good time to purchase the coins. UPDATE 2017-12-28: You can purchase coins until very last moment, which is 1 hour before the lottery draw starts.

You can monitor the draw online. We will send a link to the lottery website prior to the draw via email. Once the draw has taken place, the winnings are available in your wallet in short period of time as well as all winners will be notified via email.

Are You the one to start the New Year as a millionaire?