We are proud to announce ClickJackpot


ClickJackpot is a new unique, patent-pending, skill-based gambling ​game with an ​industry-record ​winning percentages and ratios.

It’s easy ​to ​play and ​always ​available without ​time ​constraints. Play when you have just 1 minute or play whole day along your other duties. Play in the park, play at the home, metro; play with or against your friends.

It’s ​fun, ​engaging and ​very ​much ​rewarding ​with ​a ​higher ​grand price ​than ​​any ​other gambling game of it’s type. Also matching well against known ​grand ​lotteries, ​such ​as ​EuroJackpot ​or ​EuroMillions. The grand price of the ClickJackpot is 100,000,000 Sapphire Coins!

​The ​multi-step ​rewards ​program, aka winnings scheme, ​allow players ​to ​win ​instant ​prices ​with ​every ​single ​play ​session ​along ​the ​way ​to ​the ​grand jackpot! The more you play, the more you can win and better player you will come.

How it’s related with Sapphire Coin?

Sapphire Coin is ​the ​exclusive ​currency ​for ​this new skill-based ​gambling ​game ClickJackpot. ​The ​Sapphire Coin is the currency of the winners and used exclusively in the ClickJackpot. It is the only currency that can be used to play the game and win ​some ​of ​the ​highest ​prices ​in ​the
history . Detailed info regarding Sapphire Coin and pre-sales can be found here.

How to play?

​The ​game ​is ​played ​with ​a ​single ​click ​using various ​visual ​information ​and ​game ​statistics ​to ​increase ​the ​probability ​of ​the ​win. ​The game ​can ​only ​be ​played ​with ​the ​Sapphire ​Coin, ​which ​is ​available ​for ​the ​purchase through ​the ​ICO. More details about the game functionality and the game interface will be revealed time-to-time via our Facebook site.

Why should you play?

ClickJackpot game is really easy ​to ​play and it is very much ​rewarding due to it’s multi-step winnings scheme. The odds are good for the players and you can click smarter than others. Challenge your friends and see how is the best clicker and wins the biggest jackpot.

ClickJackpot game will be made available in the Summer 2018.