Blockchain currencies are gaining investors trust!


Rapid growth

Blockchain based currencies have been around since 2009 from Bitcoin’s first launch. Blockchain technology based currency has been growing rapidly, and has reached all time high in 2017.

Currency market is much more diverse than it was in 2009. Currently there are 2487 different cryptocurrencies in the market (according to – 27.11.2017).

Here to stay

There have been many discussions and concerns that when will the “bubble” burst, but seems like this hasn’t affected investors at all. Controversially,  investors seem to have accepted that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will change the currency world for good!

Market turnover

Cryptocurrency total market turnover is $301,961,800,395 and last 24h trade volume $11,607,369,583.  Also day to day news headlines state that one or another currency have made all time high this year. Currently there are two main competitors Bitcoin (BTC) with currency market cap $162,325,638,494 and Ethereum (ETH) with current market cap $45,982,997,628.


Bitcoin’s main rival Ethereum, is an open software platform based on blockchain technology, that has gained a lot of publicity recently. Their market share has grown fastest by last few months. Periodically has even highest transactions in 24h period. (e.g. 25.11.2017).  And numerous times reached to all-time-high this year. Ethereum has risen by more than 5,000 percent since the start of the year.

Sapphire Coin (SPH)

Sapphire Coin (SPH) is based on Ethereum ERC20 standard. Additionally it uses PayApi Escrow secure payment method and secure data handling. Together these two platforms create a unique and powerful combination. SPH is not only for investing, it’s much more. Click here for additional info!